Friday, 30 August 2013


Thank you for visiting my new blog, showcasing the very best "supercar" news from all around the automotive world.
The meaning of "supercar" means different things to different people. Some feel a supercar can only be a new 300km beast, others feel a classic with a story. Most understand that these cars are out of reach for an average Joe.
 The point of this blog will be to showcase the very best CELS from around the world and let like minded people enjoy the journey together.

The name of the website, Scuderia was chosen as I have a real soft spot for Ferraris.
Specially the F430 Scuderia being my ultimate ride.
Having also investigated the meaning of Scuderia, Italian for "Stable" I thought it only fitting to put all my love for cars (and Italian horses) in one stable.

Look forward to taking the ride with you!

*CELS - Classics, Exotics, Luxury and Supercars

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