Monday, 2 September 2013

McLaren P1

So... you in the market for a new family car.
Well stop reading, this has to do with one of the most anticipated supercars of the year, the McLaren P1. If you looking for a reason to get a divorce keep reading!

A carbon fibre beast with 903 horsepower, F1 inspired DRS, a 0-60mph in 3 seconds and a mind blowing top speed of 217mph (349km for us South Africans) this is the car you buy if you looking for a quick divorce and to be the happiest car nut on the planet.
With limited stock available, the McLaren P1 is selling out!
The like of USA, Asia and Middle East all reporting they are sold out. Who says we on the brink of another recession. Europe apparently have a few still available (get them while they hot!) 
Here is SA its unclear but with all the hype don't see them sitting still internationally. The like of Comedian and ultimate car man Jay Leno purchasing the McLaren P1 without even test driving her.
An absolute beauty of a supercar. Here some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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