Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Techart Automobildesign - Porsche Panamera kit

I have always battled with the styling of the Porsche Panamera.
The reason? Well I couldn't put my finger on it. Was it because a supercar should always have 2 doors, it should be small, light, extremely fast and grossly over priced.
 Whatever it was the Panamera when first launched didn't strike me as a good looking car.
However as time has gone on the Panamera styling has started to grow on me. Maybe its because supercars are having to diversify their portfolio to keep market share hence manufacturing SUV's and 4 door 'family' cars. All this making us shift our notion of what a supercar is to the new modern thought of what a supercar can be.
Well with all that being said I can now say I love the Panamera, especially with this amazing kit from Techart Automobildesign. Dubbed the Techart GrandGT, the Aero kit makes this already amazing car look like its meant to... fierce, stylish, sporty and yet maintaining the functionality of a 'family' car.
Absolutely love this kit. Hat off to the designers!

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