Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ferrari 250 GTO on auction

A Ferrari 250 GTO is set to go on auction on the 14th of August in the states.
Its said that the car could fetch more than the previous years auction where it sold for $52 Million.
The GTO goes on auction during the Monterey Peninsula week in California. One of the biggest events on the classic car scene.
This GTO, from 1962 is said to have been in the same family since then, a staggering 49 years.
Something tells me, if you have more than $52 000 000, you going to have to make a very compelling argument to the Mrs.
My 2 cents, stick with best its the best investment in the world and you will buy her a Prada bag. What's an extra $2000?
An illustration of a Ferrari 250 GTO
I know that you can get very high end replicas of this car made in the UK but for some reason owning one might not be good enough. For this rare beauty its all or nothing. Can anyone spot me $52 mill?
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